The first thing I did as I’ve heard about the last Berlusconi’s and its followers’ brainwave was checking my Twitter profile to see what foreing headlines said. The BBC one was the most snappy: it said something about “the shaky situation of Italian Parlament”.

Man, I am so fed-up of shaking. I’d like to have a steadier life, if any steady life is possible. Though everyone talk about these last twenty years as the “unhappiest years of ever for Italy” and this means that who is twenty, like (more or less) me, has never lived in a decent country. What a mess.

When I came back home, this evening, my step-mother was in a hurry to see one of her collegues, bacause of the new cuts down at Rome Libaries, where they work. Municipality decided to save money and here this means cutting everywhere you can… even culture. Politicians keep on wasting public money, but then libraries have to close two hours earlier (where we students are supposed to study?) and shorter work shifts – and lower salaries, too.
At the same time, taxes are increasing day by day, as government crisis goes forward.
I hope this last paragraph is not too much confused: a friend of mine read this blog and she said that’s pretty good, but phrasing is still too much close to the italians’ structure.

This blog is not meant to discuss political topics, but, you know… let’s call it “déformation professionnelle”.