Last day my boyfriend and I were sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus that would bring him home (he still lives in the city where we where born. Damned city). Then a couple of tourists had a rest near us, until the woman asked us if there were any bus line. I told her that there were on the parallel roads, but to go straight on to be sure, since there were the Colosseum and lots of buses stop there. The woman thanked me and, as he heard the word “Colosseum”, her husband leaned forward the direction I pointed at.
It true!” he said. He was so exited, even if he seemed so old…
I’m glad everytime someone apreciates this city, and this country too.

When the tourists went away, ‘Frisco and I continued to fill a questionnaire on-line on our government web-site. While we were wondering about pros and cons between a semi-presidential Republic or a parliamentary Republic, another woman sat close to us. After a few minutes, hearing our reasons and doubts, she smiled when she heard one of the questions we were asked to answer: “I know it! The term of office of the President of the Republic is seven years”.
“Right”, we smiled back.
“Is the only thing I knew among all the others question I’ve heard from you in these minutes”, she chuckled.
Oh. Of course.
We walked away after waving off the woman, but we where a bit baffled (baffled?): why keep we arguing about the reasons for such a debacle in Italy, when the average Italian guy doesn’t even know the basics of how politic works?

I keep saying that this blog was not meant to be such serious, but everytime I find difficult to write about anything else. I find it useless.
But I’m hear to learn English, honey, not to keep on arguing…



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