I’m dead, dead, dead tired… as usual. I’m always dead tired. I hope “dead tired” is the correct expression, inter alia (wait: do you really say inter alia? This is not English, this is Latin! It’s much more closer to Italian than English… oh, I’m feeling home). By the way, I’m always tired, but I don’t care anymore. I like beeing tired. It’s much more better than beein bored, at least.

Today I got weary because I went to work to the library, as I do once a week since I moved to Rome. Altough, I don’t really work, I’m just a volunteer… I’m the one who tidy up the book and put them into the right shelves, in practice. Yet today we had the full-of-maids book society (argh) and, at the same time, a conference about a (vey) little-known poet, but that attracted dozens of old people who wanted to have necessarily a chair, and another, and another… I felt like a porter.

However: Rome. Rome is wonderful. Rome means freedom. Rome is huge. Rome is so beautiful (there are no other words) that you can burst into tears at the sight of the Colosseum. Even if it’s dirty-black. Indeed I always say that if I were millionairess I would definitely have it cleaned… For better or for worse, someone who’s actually milionarie stole my idea (in fact by now the Colosseum is half-cordoned). Nice.

No city on Earth have what we have here. Centuries and centuries of history passed here, leaving lot of traces… no: I checked the right translation for traces, and google suggested me also scents… i think scents fit better. Your truly breathe history amid the streets of Rome. When Rome’s been existing for millennia (this is latin too, pals), Americans had just gained their independence. You all are kids compared to us. When London was a village, Rome was an empire. The only thought makes you feel dizzy. Millennia. When I’ve nothing to do, I like sitting just in front of the Colosseum and admire its shape overshadowing the sunset. Tourists tingle all around, snap picture and enjoy the scenery… but, sooner or later, they will have to leave. I don’t. I could sit there forever, if I werent’ nineteen and if I hadn’t to minister all the nineteen-years-old-girl’s stuff. But it’s mine. All the italian monumental heritage is mine… no: it’s ours. We italians have the most precious heritage on the Earth. I defy anyone to say the contrary.
I think that beauty is shattered all around the world, and that every place is special and have to be fairly appreciated. But in my mind is like if in Italy the glass of the beauty hit the ground, so that most of the splinters are concentrated here. But it’s not chauvinism, I swear.

It’s not chauvinism because I’m the first to admit that Italy may have been one of the most magnificent country… one day. But this is no longer the case, today.
Lots of people are ruining it. Our politicians aren’t doing their work. If they don’t, neither others “common” people do it. Everywhere I turn, “there’s no money”.
There’s no money for the hospitals, there’s no money for the schools, there’s no money for the jail so thieves and murders don’t go to the jail (nay, thieves go to the Parliament… ah ah ah). There’s no money for enterprises, so enterpreuners can’t pay their workers and they fire them, but then they can’t earn a living so they kill temselves.
Yes: people kill themselves.
There’s no money to pay workers, so there’s no work. And if you are ninteen (nearly twenty), you already know that you’ll find one only after lots of difficulties. If you’re studying, you study with the awareness that all your labors will develop in a underpaid job… if you’re lucky.

Then you switch on the TV. You listen to the news. You see where the money is… I don’t know if it is the same also in all the other countries, but here ours politicians eat and crap with the sacrifices of all of the honest people. Maybe is this the reason why I want to travel all around the world, why I want to became a journalist (a serious one) and why I’m here, trying to write like I’ve neved did before -because nobody tought me how to do it. Traveling, seeing how the others do, to understand where and why we are doing wrong.



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